Practices and policies for sustaining employability through work-life learning

  • A project funded by Australian Research Council
  • Understanding workers’ learning through and across their working life, and how it can be supported through their work and educational provisions
  • Generate evidence-based policies and informed practices supporting work-life learning arrangements promoting Australian workers’ employability

Standing and status of vocational education and the occupation it serves

  • A Queensland study – more details can be found here
  • Enhancing the image of TVET – more details can be found here
  • Approaches to enhancing the status of vocational education – more details can be found here

Augmenting higher education students post-practicum experiences

The potential outcomes for augmenting students’ learning here can include:

  • understanding more fully the requirements of the occupation in practice
  • understanding something of the diversity of circumstances and specific situational outcomes that students will need to practice
  • making informed judgements about occupational pathways, including specialisms
  • developing understandings, practices and values that can be applied to other circumstances where occupational knowledge is enacted
  • generating personal practices of students to be active and focused learners.

Aligning CET students needs Polytechnic provisions

Key goals for informing policy and practice in PSEIs within SkillsFuture Singapore’s adopted approach about:

  • what comprises accessible and effective CET provisions for working-age Singaporeans;
  • what comprises effective teaching for working-age Singaporeans; and
  • how these Singaporeans might come to engage effectively in CET provisions and teaching.

Practice-based learning

Vocational Education

Resilience in healthcare work