Re-imagining and reconstituting training for rural general practice in changing landscapes (2020-Current)

A Queensland Rural Medical Education Research Grant

  • Learning what changes to practice have arisen through the recent pandemic;
  • Identifying which new capacities are required; and
  • Identifying and appraising existing and new workplace training strategies that can be adopted within these rural practice to sustain meaningful learning through practice.

Employee-directed innovations: Goals and practices for Singapore SMEs (2020-Current)

  • The first phase of a larger research study that seeks to understand further how EDIs can be initiated, enacted and sustained in Singaporean SMEs
  • Comprising a retrospective evaluation of private sector SMEs in which innovations have occurred
  • Understanding the ways in which these innovations were driven by employees, and what workplace practices and kinds of employee engagement can enhance their contributions

Preparing post-secondary education institution (PSEI) learners for changing working lives (2020-Current)

  • A Singapore-based project
  • Identifying and evaluating the means to develop adaptable occupational skills in work-based learning provisions to meet future skills requirements

Practices and policies for sustaining employability through work-life learning (2019-Current)

  • A project funded by Australian Research Council
  • Understanding workers’ learning through and across their working life, and how it can be supported through their work and educational provisions
  • Generate evidence-based policies and informed practices supporting work-life learning arrangements promoting Australian workers’ employability

Aligning CET students needs Polytechnic provisions (2018-Current)

Key goals for informing policy and practice in PSEIs within SkillsFuture Singapore’s adopted approach about:

  • what comprises accessible and effective CET provisions for working-age Singaporeans;
  • what comprises effective teaching for working-age Singaporeans; and
  • how these Singaporeans might come to engage effectively in CET provisions and teaching.

Standing and status of vocational education and the occupation it serves (2017-2018)

  • A Queensland study – more details can be found here
  • Enhancing the image of TVET – more details can be found here
  • Approaches to enhancing the status of vocational education – more details can be found here

Augmenting higher education students post-practicum experiences

The potential outcomes for augmenting students’ learning here can include:

  • understanding more fully the requirements of the occupation in practice
  • understanding something of the diversity of circumstances and specific situational outcomes that students will need to practice
  • making informed judgements about occupational pathways, including specialisms
  • developing understandings, practices and values that can be applied to other circumstances where occupational knowledge is enacted
  • generating personal practices of students to be active and focused learners.

Practice-based learning

Vocational Education

Resilience in healthcare work