Practice-based learning

A long-term and expansive project has been to understand and augment the processes of learning through practice. Much of this is published under the rubrics of workplace learning and learning through practice. However, there are a number of elements to this program of work.

This work includes:

  1. acknowledging and the long-standing process of learning through practice across human history for the initial and ongoing development of occupational capacities before the advent of schooled societies and then continuing through them (Mimetic learning at work: Learning in the circumstances of practice, Springer;Dordrecht, The Netherlands ISBN 978-3-319-09276-8;
  2. elaborating the interdependence between person and setting in learning (Learning and Instruction, Mind, Culture and Activity) and the remaking and transformation of occupational practice;
  3. empirical studies of the strengths and limitations of learning through work – Journal of Workplace Learning (if 1.130);
  4. reshaping the discourse of learning through work and innovations outside of educational institutions – Studies in the Education of Adults;
  5. empirically informed conceptualisations of societal and personal factors shaping that learning. These are published in key journals within that field such as Academic Medicine (if 4.801), Medical Education (if 4.405) and Studies in Continuing Education (if 1.300);
  6. advancing work-based curriculum and pedagogies, and the importance in engaging learners’ personal epistemologies support learning. These have been published in journals such as Educational Research Review (if 4.973) and Journal of Workplace Learning (if 1.130); and
  7. developing the concepts of practice-based education, work integrated learning and work integrated education