Vocations and Learning

This site and blog focuses on learning for and through work and what this means for the individuals who engage in working life.

Vocations are how and about what individuals comes to view and participate in their working lives. These are important for the quality and character of adults’ work and occupations that comprise so much of their sense of self and satisfaction. The effective enactment of occupational practice can realize and sustain workplace viability and provide the kinds of goods and services that communities and societies need.

Learning is both central to and a product of engaging in everyday life, which includes working life. That learning is central to initialing developing occupational capacities, sustain those capacities in responding to the changes in workplace and occupational practices, and the transformation of those practices and, also, to transit to other occupations as occupational and economic circumstances change.

Together, vocations and learning are central to individuals’ sense of self, effective enactment of work and occupational practice, and the potential to achieve workplace outcomes and, collectively, societal and economic goals.

These focuses are addressed through presenting some concepts pertinent to vocations and learning, relevant publications, current projects, resources to inform discussion and recent activities reported through a blog.